The Peasant Home

The Peasant Home, premises belonging to the Old Wine Cellar, is designed to put the client in the position of a guest in a traditional Transylvanian house. One of the walls reproduces the facade of a traditional household and a large podium holds tables and chairs in the ambiance of a wide veranda. The decorations are authentic handicraft products: ceramics from Prundu Birgaului and Sacele, handmade beaded stitches from Salva, fabrics woven from naturally colored fibers from Botiza, belts from Vatava and Maieru, objects from the inventory of a traditional kitchen, collected from the Bistrita-Nasaud county. A separate space is dedicated to the popular Saxon culture. The booth is decorated with Saxon pottery, vintage Saxon furniture and old photographs, designed specifically to restore the ambiance of the old way of life of the Saxons in the Bistrita area ...

A low counter allows the guest to see into the kitchen, where, in the terms of the highest European standards of hygiene and cooking performance, traditional meals are cooked that have made ​​the Old Wine Cellar widely known.

The evenings are colored by the ambient music of two instrumental performers, experts in ancient music and in the authentic folklore of the area.