Corrida en Sol Terrace

The Corrida en Sol Terrace is located at the exit from the restaurant, behind the Municipal House of Culture, and occupies a large area designed with the help of landscape architects along the upper alley of the Municipal Park. Organized in the form of "islands" covered with a transparent material and surrounded with ornamental shrubs and flowers, the Corrida en Sol Terrace allows customers full enjoyment in a natural setting. From spring to autumn the Corrida en Sol Terrace offers the best conditions for dining, having own spaces fitted as bar and kitchen for the season’s menu, although the traditional foods menu is also available from the restaurant.

On the western side of the Corrida en Sol Terrace a special playing area for children is fitted. A small fountain cools the air, together with the high crowns of the trees that shade the terrace, completing the welcoming ambiance of the place.

The Terrace also benefits from the musical ambiance of professional musicians who bring in the background the rare charm of old time music.

Ceva înainte

100. Salam cu parmesan

101. Piept rață afumat

102. Jambon

103. Hamon

104. Brânză Brie Alpenhain

105. Brânză Camenbert Alpenhain

106. Smoked cheese

107. Mozzarela with tometoes

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108. Margerita
- mozzarella

109. Quatro formagi
- mozzarella, parmesan, gorgonsola, telemea

110. Completa
- mozzarella, șuncă, ciuperci, telemea, roșii, ardei, porumb

111. Corida
- șuncă, ciuperci, ou, ceapă, măsline, mozzarella

112. Corida specială
- șuncă, salam, roșii, ardei, măsline, mozzarella

113. Italia
- mozzarella, roșii, busuioc

114. Vegetariană
- spanac, ciuperci, usturoi, măsline

115. Tono
- ton, ceapă, usturoi, măsline, mozzarella

116. Hawaii
- șuncă, ananas, mozzarella

117. Marinera
- cod, creveți, roșii, măsline, mozzarella

118. Quatro stagione
- mozzarella, ciuperci, ton, șuncă, salam, măsline

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120. Spaghetti bolognese
- with bolognese sausage

121. Spaghetti aglio of e olio
- with garlic and olive oil

122. Spaghetti carbonara

123. Penne carbonara

124. Lasagne al forno
- lasagne in the oven

125. Tagliatelle provencale
- with fish and shrimp

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128. Meatballs

129/130. Pig chop/Pig necks on the rust fried

131. Pig fillet wrapped up

132. Grilled pork ladder

133. Little ladder out of toasted suckling

134. Spare ribs on the rust fried

135. Cow fillet on the rust fried

136. Cow steak

140. Chicken wings on the rust fried with keenly sauce

141. Chicken twings without bones

142. Chicken breast on the rust fried

143. Turkey breast on the rust fried

144. Mixed grill
- 50g cotlet, 50g piept pui, 60g costiță, 70g kaiser, 50g mici

145. Fried sausage
- aprox 300g

146. Fried sausage
- aprox 600g

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147. Palermo Schnitzel with chicken breast

148. Cașcaval pane

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150. Pangasius fillet

151. Trout on the rust fried

152. Zander fillet on the rust fried

153. Salmon on the rust fried

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160. Chips

161. Chips with cheese

162. Potatoes salad Sofie

163. Vegetables
- broccoli, cauliflower, peas, carrots

164. Rice

165. Tagliatelle
- with butter and parmesan

166. Cream

167. Mustard

Ceva înainte

170. Bulgarian Salad

171. Nicoise Salad

172. Corrida Salad

173. Small greek salad

174. Big greek salad

175. Fresh mix salad

176. Cabbage fresh Slaw

177. Tzatziki Sauce

178. Garlic Sauce

179. Olives

180. Barbeque Sauce

Ceva înainte

180. Ice cream Corrida - big portion
- 5 ice cubs, cream, crisp

181. Ice cream Corrida - small portion
- 3 ice cubs, cream, crisp

182. Spaghetti ice
- spaghetti with ice, cream, garnish and white chocolate

183. Tiramisu
- pie after a traditional italian type

184. Yoghurt with honey and nut

185. Pancakes
- jam, chocolate, honey and nut

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190. Pizza Rolls

191. Bread

192. Pâine neagră

193. Toasted bread

194. Pâine prăjită cu usturoi

193. Ketchup

194. Tomatoes

195. Cucumbers